Strauss-Kahn Camille (2018) “Hidden Figures: Food Aid Diversion in Darfur and South Sudan”

Strauss-Kahn Camille (2018), "Varying an Invariant: The Politics Behind the Practices in Aid Targeting”

Strauss-Kahn Camille (2018), “Bringing an Outside In: Policy Implications of the Theory of Targeting”

Strauss-Kahn Camille (2018), “Missing the Target: A Cross-Country Macro Perspective of Targeting Errors in Aid Programs”.


Strauss-Kahn Camille (2018), “I'd Rather Lose Than Let You Win: How Can Rivalry Between the Powerful Benefit the Powerless”.

Strauss-Kahn Camille (2018), “Just An Error? Moral Hazard in Reporting Adverse Outcomes of Targeted Aid Programs”.


With Yotam Margalit, Camille Strauss-Kahn (2016), “The Left-Right Bias: A new measure of political polarization”.


“National and class populism in Europe and Latin America”.

With Nora Keller, “Resilient Rebels: duration dependence of rebel victory in civil wars”.

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